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Help Nikole get her life back

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Nikole's story of her evacuation is like so many others, however due to her disabilities the impact has been overwhelming. While trying to exit Paradise with fire all around, tanks blowing up, cars on fire Nikole and her fur babies were running for their life. She spent several weeks sleeping in her car in fear for her life until a complete stranger opened her home for Nikole and her fur babies to stay.

Nikole’s disabilities have made this evacuation and everyday living extremely difficult. Nikole was renting a home in Paradise. Her renters insurance ended on 10/31 and the insurance company was waffling on updating her new policy. Now she has nothing. The house she was renting, while still standing has been deemed un-inhabitable and everything in it is a total loss.

While Nikole herself is mentally and physically disabled, she still worked to help disabled Veterans as their caregiver. Now even that has been taken from her.

Nikole was only in Paradise a year and has no family. Her mom  died in 2015 and left Nikole to care for 3 of her pets as well as the two of her own. She has no other parents or family members to help. Nikole is starting over, struggling with her disabilities and depression and needs help to get her life back. 

Nikole feels like she has been abandoned and let down with nobody to help. Her disabilities have been made worse from the stress of the fire and no idea of what tomorrow will bring and she is having a hard time coping. You can help her get through this, and let her know that there is help out there for her. She wants nothing more than to have a safe place to call her own, where she can continue to help disabled veterans. Nikole will need money for her car payment, car repair, insurance, phone bill, food, medication, pet food, clothing, household goods, gas, deposits on housing and for utilities.

By purchasing a voucher for a future mini session with Vintage Rose Photography you will be helping Nikole directly as all proceeds from these sessions go directly to Nikole.

Signups are open until 1/30/19.

Thank you!

For more information and to purchase a voucher for a future mini session, please link here. Session must be completed by 6/30/19

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